Country Information

Argentina is a vast country and much of the land is virgin territory. From windswept Patagonia in the south with its stunning glacial and mountain scenery, through cosmopolitan Buenos Aires to the mighty Iguazú Falls in the tropical north-east, Argentina is a country of great diversity.

Essential experiences

• Explore cosmopolitan  Buenos Aires by day and dine at chic restaurants and watch tango by night.

• Sip fine wine and cycle through vineyards in the fertile valleys of  Mendoza.

• Get up close and personal with the mighty waterfalls at  Iguazú.

• Experience the windswept wild wilderness of  Tierra de Fuego.

• Watch waddling penguins and head to the water in search of whales in the  Valdés Peninsula.

Combines well with

Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay.