Find the hidden explorer in you. The scenery in Antarctica is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Amazing ice sculptures float past your boat, towering white cliffs loom above you.

There are a variety of different vessels that sail to Antarctica and all offer a unique experience. The smallest boats are usually ice-strengthened “expedition vessels”. These ex-naval boats have been converted for passenger use and normally take a small number of people. Shore landings, where possible, take place twice a day, small zodiac boats ferry you the short distance from your expedition vessel to land and back again.

Icebreakers are larger, usually taking around 100 passengers. These are powerful vessels that can sail to the most remote seas. More comfortable than the smaller ice-strengthened boats, they tend to sail on longer routes where their extra power may be required. Finally there are now also more traditional cruise ships sailing to Antarctica. Offering a higher level of luxury, these vessels are still relatively small and are the most comfortable way of reaching the peninsula.