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At an altitude of 3000 metres, Cusco is the most captivating town in the Peruvian Andes. Capital of the Inca Empire, the town was later built upon and expanded by the Spanish. The blend of such different architectural design has resulted in a unique cityscape making Cusco a real ‘must see’ destination.

You could easily spend a week here; every street and every square has its own charm and its own piece of history just waiting to be discovered. Many of the winding cobbled lanes are still flanked by their original Inca high stone walls. Marvel at the many ornate and opulent churches, or hunt out a bargain at one of the local markets. Inca ruins are scattered all over the town and religious and ceremonial sites are also easy to find on the outskirts. Sacsayhuamán is the setting every June for the colourful celebrations of Inti Raymi.