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San Cristóbal has a good mix of different vegetation and habitats. Frigatebird Hill, near Puerto Baquerizo, offers great views of the town and nearby bay. Junco Lagoon is one of the few freshwater lakes in the archipelago. The small rocky outcrop of Isla Lobos is a magnet for sea-lions as well as Lava Lizards and Blue-footed Boobies.

Located to the south, Española is the only island the mighty Waved Albatross nests in. During nesting season over 10,000 of these enormous birds can be seen gliding over the rugged cliffs and shoreline.

Located 30 miles south of Santa Cruz, Floreana is the sixth largest of the islands. A one-time colony, today only a handful of people live here. A relaxing and interesting place to visit, wildlife concentration is not as great as other neighbouring islands but it has some of the most interesting human history. At Post Office Bay 19th century whalers kept a wooden barrel that served as post office so that mail could be picked up and delivered to their destination.