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Tortuguero is one of the world’s most important turtle breeding grounds and is therefore of major environmental significance. Turtles can be found here throughout the year; however the summer months of July and August see the greatest activity. At this time tens of thousands of baby Green Turtles hatch on the beach and propel themselves en-masse down towards the sea.

Far smaller numbers of hatching Hawksbill and Leatherback Turtles can be seen between July and October and March to June respectively. Turtle viewing occurs at night-time and on raised platforms so as not to trouble the newly born turtles.

Venture inland and there is a good network of walking trails along with a series of waterways that allow great access to the rainforest. Over 300 species of bird have been recorded and there are a great number of brightly coloured frogs and toads along with mammals such as sloths, anteaters and the elusive tapir.