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As moist trade winds get blocked by the Anosy Mountains, 3 different climatic zones are created within the 76,000 hectares of the Andohahela National Park. Dry spiny forest is found on the western slopes, tropical rainforest thrives in the wet conditions of the eastern side and in between, the Ranopiso Transition is a unique ecosystem characterised by the endemic triangular palm. With day and night walks possible, this area is like 3 different parks in one! Nearby, situated along the Mandrake River, Berenty Private Reserve is an area of protected gallery forest, home to over a 100 species of bird including rare owls and couas. Renowned for the Primatologist Alison Jolly’s study of lemurs, the park offers excellent viewing of dancing Verreaux’s Sifakas, Ring-tailed Lemurs and the re-introduced Red Fronted Brown Lemurs. The gateway to this region is the town of Fort Dauphin which has a stunning location on a small peninsula backed by high mountains and long, sandy beaches.