About Us

At Distinctive Africa we specialise in Africa.
Our aim is simple – to provide truly memorable holidays tailored exactly to suit YOU.

Meet our Experts
  • Mike Bride


    Biography From lemur spotting in Madagascar, climbing Mount Kenya or rafting the Zambezi, Mike’s African adventures tend to be active and off-beat. That’s not to say he doesn’t like luxury, a plunge-pool selfie is normally a prerequisite of any trip!

  • Julia Nigh


    Biography Julia is the artist of the office, her work now occupies our office walls! She creates our quotes, using her artistic abilities to turn each one into a work of art. Having recently travelled to KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, she has come back with much enthusiasm for this beautiful continent.

  • Juliet Lodde


    Biography Juliet is our professional motormouth. Whilst we’re tucked away in the barn, she’s out and about banging the drum for Distinctive at travel agencies and events across the country. And she is one persuasive lady – we can still remember how quickly she convinced us that we needed her!

  • Tim Parry


    Biography Tim has been in the tailor-made Africa game for over 7 years now and has lost count of how many amazing trips he has put together. With an ever expanding list of African countries he has visited, the latest being Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, his on the ground knowledge is second to none.

  • Jane Dennett


    Biography Jane joined us 4 years ago to manage our paperwork mountain. Being an ex civil servant she wields a mean spreadsheet and is now the calm centre at the eye of the admin storm.