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Polly York

With a degree in Zoology, the Distinctive team’s newest member is our in-house wildlife expert. A perfect fit for the team, Polly has a passion for wildlife conservation and memorable holidays.

Hilary Holland

Hilary joined Distinctive to be immersed in her best-loved continent. Her interest in Latin American countries and culture steered her to studying Spanish in Chile. And now we’re hoping she’ll fit in a few language lessons for the rest of us! Ojalá!

Juliet Lodde

Juliet is our professional motormouth. Whilst we’re tucked away in the barn, she’s out and about banging the drum for Distinctive at travel agencies and events across the country. And she is one persuasive lady – we can still remember how quickly she convinced us that we needed her!

Jane Dennett

Jane joined us 5 years ago to manage our paperwork mountain. Being an ex civil servant she wields a mean spreadsheet and is now the calm centre at the eye of the admin storm, But after recent trips to Guatemala & Galapagos she’s getting a taste for Sales too, She’ll be the boss soon!

Steve Hyde

Mr Distinctive – Steve founded the company back in 2006 after returning from a year long Latin American odyssey. What he doesn’t know about Latin America isn’t worth knowing. Or possibly he’s just forgotten it. His dream is to cycle the length of the Panamerican Highway. Dream on Steve!

Daniel Benians

Daniel’s been with Distinctive since the early days, when it was just him & Steve in a converted pig sty. A lot’s changed since then (thankfully) but Daniel’s still as enthusiastic as ever about Latin America, especially the food. Colombian fat-bottomed ants are currently top of his menu. Bon Appetit!

Mike Bride

Mike paid his dues as an independent travel agent before talking his way into Distinctive 9 years ago. And we’re very glad he did. His travel industry award for superlative customer service speaks for itself. And when he’s not putting in a marathon shift at work, he’s running one. What a guy!