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With only a limited infrastructure and few visitors, mainland Mozambique is both untouched and exciting. The capitol city of Maputo has a large bustling harbour and makes an interesting stop-over. Explore beautiful Portuguese colonial architecture and indulge in exquisite sea food. The ports of Beira and Ilha de Mocambique, the latter a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are also rich in colonial architecture. Much of the wildlife of Mozambique was hit hard by years of war but the country is now addressing the issue through conservation programmes and the re-introduction of wildlife. Bordering Tanzania in the north, the Niassa Game Reserve covers over 42’000 km of forest and is home to a wide variety of wildlife including lion, elephant, hippo, crocodile, wild dog and all of the plains animals you would expect to see including impala and giraffe. Further south in Gorongosa National Park, the government, aided by the American Carr Foundation, are re-stocking wildlife in this area of plains, bush, swamps and waterways. In the 1960’s, this was considered one of the finest reserves in Africa and great efforts are being made to restore its status.