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Wild and more remote than Bazaruto, the 32 pristine coral islands that form the Quirimbas Archipelago have a handful of some of the best accommodation in Africa. Ibo Island was an important trading post and administrative centre in Portuguese colonial times. Today, it is fascinating to step back in time and wander freely through the ruins of forts and colonial buildings. With so much to offer, including a sandbank only exposed at low tide and reached by sail boat, Ibo appeals to the whole family and promises a fantastic cultural and activity based experience. Other islands include the exclusive 1 kilometre long Medjumbe Private Island as well as the ultra-luxurious Vamizi Private Island. Wherever you choose to stay in the Archipelago, some things are certain; your lodge will be small and intimate, the beaches will be idyllic and you will see few other people. The Quirimbas are the epitome of bare foot luxury.