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Tanzania’s second largest national park, Ruaha is an untouched wilderness which stretches over almost 13,000 square km. Here you will find rocky outcrops, steep gorges and flood plains created by the Great Ruaha River which meanders through the park. Ruaha is particularly noted for its large concentration of elephant as well as the rare greater kudu but, impala, waterbuck, bushbuck, giraffe, zebra and buffalo are regularly seen as well as roan and sable antelope with large prides of lion, often twenty or more, never far away. Spotted and striped hyena, cheetah, several packs of wild dog and leopard, although elusive, are regularly seen. An excellent park for safari and bird watching, Ruaha has an atmosphere and drama all of its own. Due to the remote location, extended stays are recommended which will allow you to appreciate the full diversity of this beautiful area.