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Giant Otters at Check-in

Napo wildlife centre

by Hilary

The sounds of the Ecuadorian Amazon and gentle rock of the canoe during the paddle upstream was lulling me to a dreamy sleep; so much so I grabbed a paddle to help Juan and Carlitos with what was actually quite a tiring task! The ‘wind storm’ approaching turned out to be Howler Monkeys (we were becoming accustomed to Juan’s sense of humour). And so engrossed we were watching them run through the treetops, we barely noticed the canoe glide out of the creek and on to the lake.

What a magical way to arrive at Napo Wildlife Centre. The three of us in the boat had of course all seen the pictures, but I don’t think any of us were prepared for such a tranquil and serene scene.

Juan’s radio suddenly came to life – his comrades at the lodge letting us know that Giant River Otters were there. We paddled as quickly as we could to try to catch a rare glimpse of this endangered species. We neared and slowed in time to hear the otters calling to each other as they disappeared and reappeared from the calm water. The munching noise was them gobbling their catch whole. Their teeth were indeed extremely large! It was amazing to see, and we couldn’t believe how lucky we had been to share the experience.

So, imagine my amazement when the family returned almost as soon as we got to our room. The most gorgeous sounds of splashing and playing. Becoming more vocal as they back-tracked in search of one of the three cubs who was hiding in the reeds. He bobbed out, and off they swam together, calling and diving and happy. This was proving to be a very special night in the jungle.

Casa Chameleon

Overlooking the ocean in a secluded jungle setting in Mal Pais, this boutique adult only hotel has just 6 villas with private pools, a gym, spa, a bar and a restaurant. The cuisine at Casa Chameleon uses natural ingredients and features an open kitchen, so guests can see the chef preparing their food.

Mexico’s amazing cenotes.


Cenotes are deep water filled sink-holes formed by water percolating through the soft limestone above. Since the porous soil held little water, these underground bodies were extremely important to the Mayans. The Maya often built their cities around cenotes and used them for water, both for drinking and irrigation, and in religious ceremonies.

At Cenote Yaax-Ha your can swim and snorkel in the warm waters whilst admiring the stalactites and stalagmites. At Cenote Kankirixche the sunlight filters through the holes in the ceiling to create a magical feeling.

Grand cycling brochure delivery.

Robins world travel
The Distinctive World Travel guys went out on their bikes on May 16th “pedalling” the company’s wares.They covered 75 miles to hand deliver copies of our new Latin America brochure to local agents.



Stop 1 - Devizes2


It seems we’re not alone as bike tours are becoming increasingly popular in many of the Latin American destinations we sell.They delivered by two wheels rather than four for several reasons; here at Distinctive World Travel we always aim to provide a personal service, we want to promote sustainable travel and because the guys love cycling!


We even made the local papers. You can read the story by clicking the link below:




Guyana; the Lost Land of the Jaguar.


Guyana is a fantastic destination for wildlife lovers. The country boasts incredible biodiversity with approximately 975 species of bird, 70% of which are endemic and 282 species of mammals. Fortunate visitors may even spot the elusive jaguar as Guyana is actively working hard for the conservation of the species.

Visitors to Guyana can enjoy beautiful colonial cities, explore and discover new species in the incredible rainforest wilderness, take exciting river tours, mountain hikes and visit the amazing Kaieteur Falls; 5 times the height of Niagara Falls.

Colourful Candles in Guatamala.


Mayan fire ceremonies in Guatemala are elaborate and colourful affairs using different sized, brightly coloured candles and several different types of incense.

Why not take a trip to Guatemala & Belize and take the time to enjoy one of these exciting events and explore the colonial old Guatemalan capital of Antigua before moving on to relaxing on the beautiful Belize beaches and admiring the wildlife in the outstanding barrier reef.

How many luxury lodges have you travelled to by white water rafting down beautiful crystal clear waters lately?

Rafting Pacuare 2


In Turrialba, Costa Rica you can do just that. Guests at Pacuare Lodge can enjoy an escape to the heart of the most pristine rainforest environment and have an exciting adventure getting there.
Costa Rica, although not as large as other destinations in the Americas, offers visitors incredible experiences with unique wildlife encounters and spectacular scenery.

La Casona

This exquisite 16th Century mansion has been meticulously restored and houses 11 luxurious suites surrounding a sumptuous courtyard. Each suite features a private sitting and dining area with open fireplace, LCD flat screen TV, minibar, under floor heating, safe and 24 hour butler service.