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Mahale National Park lies on the western edge of Tanzania, and is about as remote as you can get. There are no roads within 100km of the camp, and access is only by light aircraft using a charter flight. The flight to Mahale is around 5-7 hours, and upon arrival at the airstrip there is an approximately 90 minute dhow boat trip on lake Tanganyika, the world’s longest and second deepest lake in the world, to reach your camp. Mahale is home to nine different species of primate, including the chimpanzee. The ‘M’ group live in the mountains and have become habituated to human presence over two decades. Every morning, trackers go out early to find the chimp’s whereabouts, then after breakfast you can head off along the forest paths until you’re surrounded by their calls. For an hour, sit quietly with them, just feet away, watching their daily life; grooming, wrestling, bickering, foraging, eating, and mothering. Life in Mahale is easy in this barefoot paradise. If a morning’s trekking to find chimps sounds a bit too energetic, you can relax on your own chill-out deck, spend lazy hours on the lakeside beach, go snorkelling or perhaps take one of the canoes out on to the second deepest lake in the World.