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A true natural wonder, the Ngorongoro Crater has a magical setting and abundant wildlife. A collapsed volcano over 2.5 million years old and almost 10 miles across, this caldera has steep forested walls which both retrain and protect the wildlife. The crater floor has a permanent population of over 30,000 animals and it is one of the few places in Tanzania where it is possible to see the ‘Big Five’ in a single game drive. This is a unique haven and many of the lodges are spectacularly located on the edge of the crater rim overlooking the caldera. Each morning you will descend through dense forest and lush vegetation to explore what is often dubbed ‘Africa’s Eden’. Home to the endangered black rhino, the timeless scene is completed by Maasai herdsmen who graze their cattle alongside the wildlife like they have for centuries. The crater is the focus of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area which boasts a diversity of landscape, people and archaeology.