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Covering 2,600 sq km, Tarangire abounds with a wonderful diversity of wildlife and is dominated by numerous huge baobab trees that create a lasting impression on all its visitors. Tarangire is at its finest during the dry season, between June and October when, the park is witness to an elephant migration which is fantastic. Herds of hundreds of elephant congregate at the banks of the river which is an incredible sight. The dry season is when the Tarangire River and the various swamps attract the highest concentration of wildife, providing a lifeline to thousands of species. The density of wildlife in Tarangire is second only to that of the Serengeti and the area is best for oryx, kudu, wildebeest, zebra, elephant, buffalo and eland but leopard and hyena are also found here. Located south of Lake Manyara and just over 100km from Arusha, this is a delightful, untamed gem of a park that is very accessible on most itineraries.